2:00 Cheer Mix


Upfront and easy pricing includes:

  • Cover Music & Original Music – All USA Cheer Compliant
  • Voiceovers
  • 5 anytime edits (can be used at anytime during your season)
  • Only a deposit of $180.00 is due today
  • See the description for more order details


Customized for your routine and your team!

To begin customizing:

  1. Add this routine time to your cart.
  2. If you haven’t chosen your music yet, go to Unleash the Beats and/or Power Music Trax and choose music (this will open a new tab) Keep your BPMs between 125 and 160 for best results!
  3. Begin filling out your order form with your music selections. You may select up to 5 cover songs. You may also leave this blank if you want us to create something for you.
  4. Submit your order.

Once your mix is completed:

  1. You will receive a tagged copy of your routine for your review.
  2. Once you review and approve the mix, you will receive an invoice for the balance. These changes do not count towards your 5 edits.
  3. Once the balance is paid, you’ll get a competition ready mix with all necessary licenses.